Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picking up where I left off...

I know, I know! Long time no hear, huh! I year, new start! I'm working on a few exciting things SOoooo 'til I'm able to reveal what's to come in 2013...take a look at what the remainder of my 2012 consisted of for me:

Cowboys game w/ the  mister

Farewll lunch and toast at Glorias for a friend moving to London

Paintballing for the 1st time. Painfully fun!

Neimen Marcus shoot. Guiseppe's on the table...

Neimen Marcus studio shoe room

Clothes galore...photoshoot ready

Behind the scenes of a lookbook shoot for Imperfect Concepts

Another first...ziplinning

A collaboration with my friend Geniese for a magazine

Fun times walking to Save the boobies in the Race for the Cure 2012

Me werking while I'm working :-)

A TRUE white Christmas home in Arkansas

Playing dress up in my awesome thrift find...COBALT BLUE LEATHER PANTS!

Jumped on the "Fifty shades of Gray-bandwagon"

New Years Eve toast amongst great friends. Farewell 2012, it was amazing...
Hello 2013...Lets make this great!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tag..I'M IT!

My friend Tracy from iHeartTknight tagged me in her Bloggers Purse Tag and I have graciously accepted. Soooo...Here we go:

The Bag of Choice:

Today I just so happened to be carrying a Balenciaga inspired bag in brown. Definitely not one of my flashiest bags but still cute nonetheless.

The Contents:

This is pretty much what I carry everyday. So yes, when I switch purses DAILY, I the babies go with me. It may not seem like a lot but I can definitely pack a purse like the best of em LOL! Here's my list:

1. My leopard bag
 It actually houses a smaller version of itself on the inside which holds my ....Ummmm..."Womanly Things"  if you know what I mean LOL. Also inside are my go-to lip glosses and lip balm, floss, a couple hand sanitizer, Evian spray and Ibuprofen. 

2. Keys and Mase 
 Keys for my apartment, my car and my parents house in Arkansas, a cute silver "b" that I've had since high school and mase my mom bought me when I moved to Dallas. Gotta love mommies and their paranoia  :-)

A MUST! I eat way to much garlic and onions SMH!

4. A pair of shades 
This cute pair I instagrammed about. They are inspired by the Prada Baroque sunnies from line S'S 2011 line. These also change depending on which purse I'm carrying and clothes I'm wearing. After all, all coordinating accessories are a must as well, right!

5. Specs and Case
I'm new to the corrective eyeglasses gang and these bad boys cost a pretty penny so I MUST protect them.

6. Lotion 
This one is from Victoria's Secret. Smells. I usually stock up during sales and rotate them in depending on what scent I'm coveting at the time.

7. My wallet.
 I'm not really a pink person but I love this Nicole Miller wallet because of the print and the practicality of it. It's made just like a HOBO wallet...without the cost of course. 

8. My NEW business cards...
they match my blog, of course!

9. iPhone charger and earbuds
Another MUST!

And there you have it! This was pretty painless so I guess I'll keep the TAG going. Until next time!


Stylishly Britt

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No more Battle Wounds....

Yes, you read battle wounds are NO MORE! I found the perfect worn-in military jacket. If you read my previous post ( How dare you if not!) you know the dilemmas I've faced on my journey, however, I did just as I said and succeeded in my quest. I only visited 2 places before I found it.

The first place only had new, unworn jackets available which meant they didn't exude the character and vintage-y feel I was going for AND they were $34.99. Now while $35 isn't bad for a jacket, I just wasn't ecstatic when it came to purchasing a jacket lacking the character I was lusting after. After minutes of staring the jacket down and walking around the store with it swung over my arm, my boyfriend suggested to try another store. I obliged and took to Google (Seriously, what did we do before smartphones) and found
 another store about 20 minutes away.

After fighting to through the Saturday traffic and lovely construction of Dallas, we arrived. I have to admit, had my boyfriend not been with me, I probably wouldn't have gone in and definitely wouldn't have fulfilled my Saturday wish so thanks, Kevy! After he laughed at me for pre-judging the store, we strolled into a place called Army Navy Plus, Inc on Harry Hines. I spotted the jackets the second we opened the door. After shelving through the rack of brand new jackets with a price tag of $25, I realized that this may be my destiny to be forced to take to my knees and give a jacket my own version of character. I grabbed a few off the rack and walked to find a mirror when low and behold, there stood another rack with USED jackets with all the character flaws I wanted. I scoured the rack for the price tags and found they were.... $14! I instantly got a happy feeling! I grabbed a small long, a army patch for $.99 and snagged a friend of mine one (we've been on this quest with one another so it was only right lol).

After I left, I realized my little brothers could totally swag these out and I even made my boyfriend try on one which he claimed he liked but I think he wasn't completely sold on. Since I'm a trend pusher, I'm sure I'll opt to go back to snag 3 more to style the guys in my life sooner than later. If only my 40-something year old dad could pull it off....*ponders* NAH lol! I'll leave it to the youngins!

Anywho, if you're in the Dallas-area and have been looking I just may have ended your manhunt. Pop into Army Navy Plus, Inc.

I also found a store called Imperfect Concepts based in Dallas who also sales preworn jackets for 35.00. She is the thrift-store queen, I tell ya! Check out the boutique at Until then....

Stylishly Britt