Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Obsessed With....

I HATE…. HATE my dark under eye circles so concealer is seriously my best friend!
In the summer, I find myself reaching for cream concealers that contain an SPF, like Mac’s Studio Finish pot because of the staying power it provides. I sometimes find the downside to cream concealer is that it can show your fine lines. That is where L’Oreal Paris’ Magic Perfecting Base comes in handy.

I love it! It literally erases away any fine lines and prevents any creasing under my eyes. The consistency is almost velvet-like and melts right into your skin. It’s seriously amazing!

Previously, I used Sephora’s Immediate Wrinkle Filler but with a $20 price tag, I knew I needed to find another alternative.  I love finding gems for less so this little $8 miracle-in-a-jar was heaven sent. I think L’Oreal heard my silent cries lol!

If you have fine lines or pores that you’ve been longing to smooth away…at least temporarily, try this product and let me know if you love it as much as I do. 

Stylishly, Britt

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

28 & Learning To Just Live

When I set a goal, I'm blessed to say that I usually ALWAYS accomplish it and so far, all of my goals for 2014 have come to fruition. 

I traveled to London and Paris.

I landed a job using my degree.

 I've even broken out of my shell and become more social!

Pretty good year thus far, right?! I agree...but sometimes I find my mind wondering and before I know it, I have a mental list of news goals. 

If you don't set goals, it's hard to realize how far you've come but for me, I'm learning I need to give myself a little slack. Yesterday at lunch I had my " ah ha" moment.

As I snacked on my stir fry, I decided to catch up on my Instagram feed. Somehow I landed on Niemen Marcus's IG page. As I flipped thru the countless amounts of pictures posted by their marketing coordinator, I found myself thinking, "This. Is. My. Dream. Job. and I'm gonna get it!” By time lunch had passed, I found myself loathing the fact that I had to return back to work.

The problem is…my job is not bad all! I literally play on Facebook all day and write a few newsletters from time to time. Seriously, that’s what I get paid to do LOL! I shouldn’t be complaining, huh?! 

After I got back to my desk, I decided to search the LinkedIn pages of Niemen Marcus employees. After a full two hours had passed and a massive headache ensued, it occurred to me that my obsession with setting goals was getting a bit out of hand. I mean, once I get to Niemen Marcus (which I will), will I be able to just enjoy being there without setting my next goal? I can’t continue to obsess over what’s next for me because it’ll just become a vicious cycle.

Needless to say, when I said my prayers last night, I prayed for myself. I prayed that I find a balance between being ambitious and being content in my current situation. 

So at 28, I’m pledging to learn how to live in the moment. 

While I won’t be say goodbye to setting goals, I will find contentment in my current situation so when I reach my next goal, it’ll be that much sweeter.


Stylishly, Britt

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picking up where I left off...

I know, I know! Long time no hear, huh! I year, new start! I'm working on a few exciting things SOoooo 'til I'm able to reveal what's to come in 2013...take a look at what the remainder of my 2012 consisted of for me:

Cowboys game w/ the  mister

Farewll lunch and toast at Glorias for a friend moving to London

Paintballing for the 1st time. Painfully fun!

Neimen Marcus shoot. Guiseppe's on the table...

Neimen Marcus studio shoe room

Clothes galore...photoshoot ready

Behind the scenes of a lookbook shoot for Imperfect Concepts

Another first...ziplinning

A collaboration with my friend Geniese for a magazine

Fun times walking to Save the boobies in the Race for the Cure 2012

Me werking while I'm working :-)

A TRUE white Christmas home in Arkansas

Playing dress up in my awesome thrift find...COBALT BLUE LEATHER PANTS!

Jumped on the "Fifty shades of Gray-bandwagon"

New Years Eve toast amongst great friends. Farewell 2012, it was amazing...
Hello 2013...Lets make this great!